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What Type of Solicitor Do I Need?

Various situations require you to have a solicitor at some point in your life. You will hire a lawyer whether it is during your marriage, divorce, purchasing a property, or when you break the law. A good solicitor will be by your side in daunting and unnerving situations proving you moral and legal support. It is therefore crucial for you to pick a solicitor who knows your case and is versed in various elements of the legal system. Redkite Solicitors in Cardiff are a large-scale legal firm that specialises in a wide range of legal areas. This experience means that no matter the severity or complexity of your case, you can take peace of mind in the fact that your chosen solicitor will have worked on a similar case in the past.

We will discuss the different types of solicitors available for you to decide which one you need.

Exactly What Kind of Solicitor Do You Need?

Before deciding on a solicitor, analyze whether you need them since there are some situations where you can handle the case by yourself. After that, you can look for legal advice through online legal authorities like law firms or support charities. If you don’t have enough funds, some solicitors will offer legal services for free as part of corporate social responsibility.

Below are some of the situations that will require you to have a solicitor.

They include:

Property Conveyance

You need the services of a property solicitor when it comes to the purchase of valuable properties like houses, cars, or leasing properties to help you draft a legal agreement. The process involves many legal documents that require legal interpretation. You should apply for a solicitor to act on your behalf during the conveyance process for your protection.


It would be best to plan for what happens to properties and assets obtained during your marriage for your peace of mind. You and your partner may have a marital and civil partnership agreement detailing what would happen to the assets in case of a breakup. A solicitor will be crucial to explaining what happens to the properties and guide you to ensure that everything is covered.

Starting a Business

Starting a business can be hectic, thanks to the many challenges and legal requirements involved. A solicitor will help you choose the proper business structure and assist you in setting up companies and acquiring their license. You can do all the work by yourself to cut costs which is understandable. However, it’s crucial to enlist the services of a solicitor as they are experts in the field and will ensure your business is legally compliant.

Divorce Proceedings

Divorces can be emotional and stressful, especially if it involves custody of children and division of properties. However, a good solicitor will be by your side during these turbulent times. They will help you understand what is at stake as well as guide you through the whole process. They will also advise on the future of your properties and that of your children.

Couples without children also need a solicitor to help them resolve properties and land disputes.

Employment Disputes

As an employer, you will want to have happy employees committed to your company’s vision. However, you may need a solicitor’s help when dealing with difficult situations. The solicitor is experienced and knows the legal stipulation regarding employment laws. They will advise on issues requiring disciplinary action, grievances, mergers, and acquisitions, and drawing up employment contracts. If your business is expanding and wants to acquire another entity, they will be in the frontline when closing the deal.


 Disputes may arise from disagreement on custody of children, properties, or acquisition, and if you fail to settle them outside of a court, you may require the services of a solicitor. A mediator is impartial and will not advise any party but will offer valuable information to help the involved parties resolved their differences amicably. You will need a solicitor to help you prepare paperwork for your proposal to ensure you get the best out of the deal.


You may keep off trouble, but in some cases, trouble follows you. As a result, you are forced to enlist the assistance of a solicitor to help bail you out. Solicitors know their craft, and legally, they can act on your behalf. They will help you on most legal matters involving assets, divorce, business legal requirements, etc. You will rest assured someone experienced is handling your issue. Contact us today for all your legal service needs.