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Different Types of Office Spaces

We all desire to report to conducive working stations or offices. We want the space to be styled in a manner that supports productivity and comfort. While we all have different careers and businesses that need different working spaces, there are various kinds of offices from which to choose.

Offices come in different sizes, shapes and budgets. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose from the wide array of available choices. Below we discuss the different types of offices in the UK.

Traditional Office Spaces

Traditional offices are of a layout that provides privacy as well as collaborative environments. The layout ensures the staff work in quiet and private areas. It allows them to engage customers and data confidentially. Some common features found in this type of office space include;

  • Private Offices for various personnel i.e Managers
  • Reception
  • Boardroom for large meetings
  • Bullpen for collaborative assignments

The traditional offices best suit organisations that hold private information and private conversations with clients. They would include law firms, financial companies and consultancy services. They also feature long-term leases meaning your staff can concentrate minus the disturbance of often relocation.

Serviced Offices

A serviced office space is a type of office whose rental fees include services. While you utilise the space you need, you enjoy different services including reception, telephone and mail-handling support. The offices are usually ready for move-in with preinstalled furniture and IT equipment. They offer low move-in costs and easier moving options.

The offices offer reduces cost, improves business coordination and reduces the risks of maintaining a leased office. Such office spaces are found in business centres where different businesses rent space. They get to share communal areas with other professionals. The spaces can accommodate any company size up to one with hundreds of employees. Post-lockdown in the UK, these office layouts have become increasingly popular, especially in city centres. Space2B serviced offices provide small businesses and start-ups in Cardiff, South Wales, with modern and functional serviced workspaces.

With serviced offices spaces, you get to concentrate on making your business successful. Someone else maintains the office for you.

Creative Office Spaces

Recently, most offices are taking the open floor approach compared to the traditional offices. The type of layout in these offices will emphasise teamwork and collaboration. They will have few boundaries between desks and tables to promote discussion and expedite easier collaboration among employees.

This office layout also called a flexible office, is best suited for creative companies like advertising firms, tech businesses and startups. While this type of spaces defer in layout and style, the common features include;

  • Huge Windows
  • Few to no private offices
  • Wet Pantries
  • High Ceilings

Many organisations including, huge enterprises, are exploring the option of Creative Offices for their efficiency

Contiguous Offices

If you have gone into an office on a floor that contains offices of the same company, you have been to a contagious office. Whenever one organisation rents the suites on the same floor or different floors in the same building as one tenant, this space is referred to as Contagious offices.

Huge organisations can take advantage of this type of office to keep their various departments on one floor or the same building. It makes management much easier.

Co-working Offices

A co-working office is a communal office. They let different businesses share the same office. Each business rents desks as per their needs for the day or month. The businesses will share different facilities and appliances. Common features include meeting and break-out rooms.

This type of office is ideal for small startups with limited funds. You can save a lot by sharing space and appliances. Amenities would include chill-out zones, roof terraces and break rooms.

Sublet Offices

Sublet offices feature a business with additional space, subletting to a much smaller firm, startup or a company seeking temporary office space. It is an advantageous option to both parties since some expenses are covered.

The subtenant also enjoys reduced office costs. The companies staff also get a place to run their daily tasks from with ease. Contracts are signed to give subtenant office space. The subtenant works without feeling like the tenant is dominating their workspace.

Executive Suites

Executive suites are offices catering to high-end businesses. They are serviced and are found within floors rented out to other businesses too. They are usually private offices that are sublet on flexible terms. You can rent one monthly or on quarterly and semi-annual terms.

The offices come with preinstalled internet, furniture and pre-wired phone services. Other advantages of these offices include shared conference rooms, break rooms and reception areas. The office layout is set for your business.

In conclusion

When looking for an office for your business or company, it is best to have some things known. Analyse your company’s size, culture, budget and prospects. Such facts will help you make an informed decision.