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How Can I Stand Out in The World of Business?

Over 1/2 of consumers are not brand loyal. For you, this is a problem because you’ll always be competing for your target audience’s money. This means that in today’s market conditions, you have to stand out in order to succeed. Here are our top tips to help you stand out in the world of business.

Get Your Branding Right

Did you know that consumers form their first impressions of a brand in just under 10 seconds? This is why it’s so important that you get your brand identity right and present it in the most innovative ways. With that being said, this is also probably the reason why video brochures are growing in popularity; they can showcase a brand like no other marketing collateral can.

A key factor to think about when it comes to brand is colour. Colour helps to increase brand recognition by over 80%. Sticking with a consistent colour pallet will also help to increase recognition even further. Think of Starbuck’s iconic green or McDonald’s striking golden arches.

Give Something Back to The World

Want to really stand out and be different? Do better than your competitors. You might be surprised to find out that over 90% of global consumers say that when a business supports a social or environmental cause, their perspective of that business is more positive. So, giving back to the world is a great way of showing your customers that some of their money is being used for positive change.

Reward Your Customers

Consumers spend over 60% more with brands they feel loyal to. But how do you acquire customers and keep them loyal? Gift them with rewards! A loyal (and rewarded) customer is far more likely to recommend your business to their family and friends too. Many businesses don’t grasp the fact that

retaining a customer base rather than spending more on acquiring new ones has far greater ROI too.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Over 1/4 of all consumers say that they will spend their money elsewhere if they have just 1 bad experience with a business. In today’s manic business world, you can’t afford to lose any customers because you’ve provided them with a poor level of customer service. In fact, providing exceptional customer service should be at the core of everything you do as a business.

Build a Strong Online Presence

Over 90% of all consumers find businesses via Google and other search engines. So, having a strong online presence is absolutely critical for your success. This presence is also vital for inbound marketing because quality content helps to attract users who might like your product but have never heard of you before. However, a strong online presence isn’t just about having a good website. Did you forget about social media?

Not every social media channel might be relevant to what you offer but having some presence is an important part of your online presence. It can build and retain customer loyalty and improve your chances of generating even more revenue.

Don’t Worry About Your Competition

You might not see it this way, but there are positive aspects of having direct competition. Competition is the best sign you have that there’s demand for your products and/or services. On the flip side, if you don’t have any competitors, then alarm bells should ring because your business might not see the test of time.

Another positive aspect of having competition is that it makes your business better because it gives you the drive to always improve at what you do. For example, do you really think that Esty would be where it is today without the likes of eBay and Gumtree?