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How to Create a Virtual Trivia for Your Associates (& 3 Fun Prizes!)

Being confined to working from home makes building relationships between associates and colleagues more challenging, so team bonding activities are more essential than ever. Although your activity options are limited, certain events lend themselves well to the virtual world, such as a quiz.

Trivia gives people a chance to work together and provides a common goal to concentrate on, but what’s the best way to prepare and deliver a virtual quiz? From advice on how to design entertaining questions to suggestions for popular prizes, such as funny socks and gift vouchers, following these tips can lead to a successful virtual event.

Choose Your Virtual Trivia Platform

When you plan your virtual trivia, the first thing you need to establish is the platform and programs you will use. For video conferencing platforms, it’s best to opt for something you all know, so whether your office uses Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype, stick to something familiar. However, you should also make sure your platform has all the capabilities you plan to use, such as screen sharing and breakout rooms, if you want teams to confer virtually.

The next question is how you will present the quiz. You have several options:

  • Use your platform’s in-built polling functions, if it has any.
  • Create your quiz on a software program, such as PowerPoint, and share your screen.
  • Use an interactive virtual quizzing platform, such as Kahoot!, Quizlet or Kwizzbit.

Choose the option you feel most confident with. Bear in mind some options, such as Kahoot!, require participants to use two devices at once.

Keep Quiz Rounds Varied

Although standard trivia questions are fun, you should aim to spice up your quiz with a variety of styles each round. This is important in any trivia event, but particularly when for online quizzes, where you can’t rely on chatting within groups to keep everyone engaged. Check out these ideas for quiz rounds that will make your event the talk of the office:

●     Trivia Question Format

Keep your trivia questions diverse in topic, so everyone has a good chance at answering the questions and maintain their interest by altering between write-in answers and multiple choice.

●     Guess the Song or Movie

This ever-popular addition to a trivia game usually involves the quiz master playing a song or movie clip and the participants guessing the name, artists, year or other facts within a few seconds. You can take things a step further by getting teams to hum a few bars of a song for others to guess, or take screenshots of movies or TV shows and photoshop the company logo (or even photos of your colleagues if you’re a tight-knit group!) over the faces of the actors and asking teams to guess.

●     Silly Questions

Some trivia games tend to get rather serious, especially if members of your group are highly competitive. Including a round of funny questions that are almost impossible to know the answers to can take the pressure off.

For instance, take two goofy place names, one true and one false, and ask teams to guess. Or take quotes from hip-hop songs and Shakespeare plays and make them decide who wrote what -it’s surprisingly challenging! For this round, just make sure you use multiple-choice questions.

●     Celebrity Mish-Mash

Any round that uses visuals is excellent for virtual quizzes as it makes things more dynamic. A fun photo round is to show photos of celebrity faces mashed into one; the teams simply have to name the two celebrities they see!

There’s no limit to how creative you can be with your quiz rounds. The more variety, the better! Nor relying exclusively on general knowledge questions will keep everyone more engaged and make the quiz more accessible. However, stick to activities that are easy to explain and mix the order of the rounds up, so the same styles are not one after another.

Hot Tips For a Successful Quiz

While group activities are an excellent way for coworkers to bond outside of work hours, they can take a lot of organization to run smoothly, and virtual events present their own specific problems. Follow these tips to guarantee your quiz works for everyone in your team:

  • Have a designated tech problem solver. This should be someone that’s not directly participating in the event that can fix technical issues and queries from the participants as they arise so you can focus on leading the quiz.
  • Always do a trial run to help avoid tech glitches and give you a chance to correct mistakes before the big day. Use multiple computers or devices so you can experience what the participants will see. This also allows you to test your internet connection.
  • Play background music to create a cheerful vibe as people log in.
  • Reading questions aloud keeps the audience engaged and avoids awkward silences, but you should also make them visible on the screen to ensure everyone can see them.
  • Researching additional facts to share after each answer has been revealed will make your quiz more dynamic and educational.
  • Send an email explaining how to enter the quiz and the chat before the event.

Top 3 Ideas For Fun Prizes

Selecting some fun prizes for the winners not only gives everyone an incentive to play, but it also acts as a thank you for participating. Here are three prizes that everyone is sure to love.

  • Custom socks as a gift: You can never have too many pairs of socks, and fun pairs sporting your company logo or a relevant, customized design are the ideal token of appreciation for the winning team. Make sure to order multiple sizes, so everyone gets a pair that fits perfectly.
  • Takeout voucher: Unfortunately, for most of us, a meal out is unrealistic right now, but you can treat your staff to a takeout voucher so they can enjoy a delicious meal from the comfort of their own homes.
  • A magazine subscription: Magazines are a treat and a welcome break from technology. It sometimes feels a little indulgent to buy them for yourself which makes them an ideal gift. Make sure to purchase general subscriptions so the winners can select magazines that interest them.

You’re All Set For a Terrific Trivia Event

Planning a quiz a diverse group of people can enjoy can seem daunting, especially when delivering it remotely, but with a bit of prior preparation and a dose of imagination, you’ll surely give everyone a trivia experience to remember!