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Expert Suggestion on Automating Data Capture for your Enterprise Databases

For better database management and data-centered business decision making, enterprises now try to automate their lead capturing process. Conventional and incompetent modes of manual data capturing will take you nowhere in the highly competitive consumer market and business intelligence environments. Even while considering your dispersed teams during the Covid-19 pandemic scenario, automation is the key to success to stay on top.

In this case, the last thing you may want to miss out on is ensuring your leads’ quantity and quality that get into the sales funnel. Do not fear. Nowadays, there are many simple and easy-to-use automation software, which are very effective in automating lead capturing. In this guide, we are trying to help you out with creating a very robust, automated data capturing process, which will help to segment your audience better and enable you to personalize the marketing campaigns. This will help the marketers to reach a higher audience and the salespeople to have a more targeted and personalized conversation with the prospects to close.

Automating data capture

Data capture is all about gathering personal information about the potential customers who enter into the sales funnel. You may use this data to communicate with them and send marketing messages to nurture them into future sales. To capture high-quality leads and reliable information related to customer demographics, an enterprise needs a very strong and automated data collection mechanism.

As of late, it will not hurt to leverage the mobile collaboration platforms, too, as more and more individuals are now on their smart phones at work to collaborate their projects better. All these data collection mechanisms and the tools used for data capture must focus on qualifying and converting the random audience to segmented groups and convertible prospects.

Using segmentation methods, you can further personalize your marketing content and increase the scope of conversions. This is the reason why automated data collection is preferred over manual data collection. If you understand your target audience and their objectives, you may further know where they are from, why they look up to you, and when you have to capture them to fulfill their needs. This means, if you have a well-set mechanism for lead nurturing based on your business priorities, you can qualify these customers automatically at the data-collection points.

With data collection automation

  • You may be able to accelerate the speed of lead generation and qualifying the same.
  • More leads in a shorter period mean a better scope of conversion.
  • Better quality leads to mean higher conversion.

You can achieve all these with the help of data-capturing software in an affordable manner. Using a fine combination of automated data collection, you can capture various data points effectively. With the creation of standard dropdown menus, it becomes much easier to quality the leads for location, numbers, types, and other generic standard categories. A standard automated data collection interface may have the following features.

  • A data-capture form and data qualification form
  • Lead capture multi-lingual support.
  • A direct call to action for a callback, product demo, or chat support.
  • A chatbot to automate chat by answering questions, collect data, and qualify leads.

For better management of database set up and data collection, you can assist expert consulting services like RemoteDBA.

Pages for lead capture

While a standard landing page may convert about 2.5% of the traffic, and optimized lead capture landing page may convert over 11%. Effective landing pages are those which automate the data capture process. The users tend to enter their data in return for valuable information shared by the provider. You can create a landing page to have the customers sign up for your mailing list in many cases. You may be requesting their personal data to offer a free demo or to share a promo code in some other cases. You need to ensure a follow-up procedure further to seal the deal.

The more you automate your data-capture pages on your portal, the more likely you will get conversions. Companies with 10 to 15 well-designed landing pages for data capture tend to see a 55% increase in their lead collection. These pages need to qualify for the leads to automate the data capturing process on the landing pages. You must capture the contact data of the customers to make follow-up marketing efforts. You may focus on getting the name, phone number, location, mail ID, etc. You can also smartly get the customer preferences to personalize the marketing contents further and promo offers to them. While setting up landing pages for lead collection, you should;

  • Use the analytic tools to identify your target audience and to identify ways to reach them.
  • Start blobs to spread awareness and subject matter knowledge in your niche. Offer them free guides and pop-ups for data capture for specific target audience segments.
  • Build a set of short data-capture pages with advanced automated data-collection forms.
  • Offer free demo content and mild promotional offers in return for the data they share.
  • Feed all the marketing efforts on your data, capture landing pages from various platforms to keep track.
  • Explore how to use the invoicing software, customer support channels, etc., to capture data.

Suppose you can segment the leads effectively using the data collected through landing pages. In that case, you can also easily develop an ideal buyer personafor which you can custom tailor your content

Along with data capture landing pages, you need to closely consider data collection through social media networks, which offers a wide range of audiences and consumer platforms to tap to capture data effectively. There are a lot of social media tools that will help you to automate the lead capturing process. One easy way to automate lead capturing on social media is to use Facebook ads, which offer a high conversion rate of about 13%. Using this platform, one can easily choose among the target audience based on various filtering criteria and options like a lookalike audience. You can also optimize the lead collection and qualification by ending targeted communication to this audience.