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Pavel Eduardovich Melnikov: From small importer to a market leader

European products mean high quality, but at the equally high prices. On the contrary, Chinese means cheap, but the service life of these products is shorter, its breakages occur more frequently too. A variety of manufacturers around the world constantly confirm this pattern by their own example, but not the VALTEC.

Pavel Eduardovich Melnikov founded it in the distant 90’s of the last century as a small importing company just meeting local sanitary engineering market’s needs. But over time, it has grown into a technological giant where many innovative methods are applied, and the moderate prices typical for Chinese products are combined with the quality of Western Europe.

VALTEC’s marketing strategy is revolutionary not only in its approach to pricing; many other innovations are used there including customer-focused internal policy and special attention to the organization of logistics and quality checks.

Brief background

Pavel Eduardovich Melnikov is a native of Leningrad (St. Petersburg today). The first company he opened was called Vesta Regions LLC, it imported Italian sanitary engineering and accessories to Russia.

Pavel Eduardovich was a certified engineer with extensive experience of plumbing systems design and repair. So, for him personally Italy was some kind of Mecca in the world of any goods related to plumbing.

But practical experience of their application revealed a huge discrepancy between operating conditions for which they were designed and realities of domestic plumbing systems. Another problem for the company became the time spent on their delivery.

So, efficiency requirements forced the company founder to make his first inventions just to reconcile the features of products made according to European standards with local pipes and connecting components. The second step he made was a generous investment in his personal testing lab – in order to create a common set for checking the quality of all products his companies produced or imported from any countries of the world. Finally, he achieved price lowering without sacrificing quality by transferring a part of production facilities to China – as he could afford it since the testing lab commenced full operation.

Pavel Eduardovich Melnikov’s credo: client’s interests are always at the first place

To this day, the entrepreneur owns over hundred patents and at least four main trademarks – MINKOR, BRIXIS, VALTEC and TENRAD. His companies use production facilities in Italy, Russian Federation, Turkey, and China. His business interests extend far beyond plumbing engineering systems supply and include even real estate investments in the entrepreneur’s hometown of St. Petersburg.

The VALTEC trademark maintains a leading position in the Russian market over the past ten years. Production of Melnikov’s companies is not local anymore – now it is well known all over the world. And all that became possible only due to his client-oriented approach; it gave him an idea to make some inventions for the purpose to improve existing water supply systems, and evenly distribute the production load between factories in different countries to make the products cheaper and their delivery – faster. As a result, his business empire is large and it keeps growing. But dealing with it is still very comfortable for everyone, from distributors to ordinary buyers, the same as in the early years of its existence, when it consisted of one or two small importing companies with very niche and specific assortment of products.