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5 Ways To Make Work Breaks More Efficient

It would be amazing if employees could work for eight hours straight without ever needing a break. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible for humans to be productive for that long without taking any time off.

Breaks are an essential part of the workday that allow people to take a breather and re-energise so they can stay focused on their tasks. Of course, just because these are portions of time that aren’t spent working, that doesn’t mean they can’t be productive.

By doing these five things, breaks can become a lot more efficient so that workers always come back ready to tackle what’s ahead.

Be Immersed In Nature

When employees take work breaks, they typically remain in the office environment. They don’t see the point in going anywhere if they’re only going to stop for 5-10 minutes at a time.

However, studies show that these breaks are the perfect opportunity to go outside and enjoy the sunlight. This is something that’s hugely beneficial for productivity, so the more exposure employees get to it, the better. What’s more, natural light can also help people to sleep better, meaning they come into work every morning feeling more refreshed.

If going outside isn’t really an option, then at the very least you should spend your breaks somewhere with plenty of greenery. Simply being around indoor plants can alleviate mental fatigue and help you to refocus on your work.

Eat The Right Snacks

Breaks offer an excellent opportunity for employees to have a snack. After all, it’s hard to get through an entire workday without enough sustenance. What you eat can have a significant impact on your performance afterward, though, so it’s vital that you only put the right stuff into your body.

Naturally, you should avoid junk food because the sugar rush they give you will only lead your energy levels to plummet shortly after.

For the best effects, you’ll want to opt for something with a lot of protein, such as chicken or nuts. Not only will these give you a quick boost of energy, but they’ll also improve your cognitive performance long after you’ve finished eating. That means you’ll find it a lot easier to focus and be productive once the break is over.

Switch From Smoking To Vaping

One of the main reasons people take breaks during the workday is so they can smoke. This happens several times a day, equating to around 15-20 minutes of lost time.

Obviously, the best way to make these more efficient is to tell employees to stop smoking. However, this is incredibly hard due to nicotine cravings, which means there needs to be an alternative solution to this problem. That’s where vaping comes in.

Although this substitute is just as addictive, research suggests e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco. That means that although people will still take regular breaks, they could have less smoking-related sick days during their employment.

For anyone looking to make the swap from cigarettes to vaping, you can buy everything you need at Aqua Vape. Their range of devices and flavourful e-liquids should help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Rest Your Eyes

For office workers, the demands of the job can do bad things for your health. Sitting down at a desk all day isn’t good for your posture, weight, or even your heart. This isn’t the only issue that employees face, though.

When you spend so much time staring at a screen, your eyes start to pay the price. The strain can result in headaches and vision problems, which is why you need to use breaks effectively.

It’s important to walk away every couple of hours and do something that doesn’t involve looking at a screen. That means not swapping your computer for your phone, something that many people are guilty of. Not only will your eyesight thank you for this, but you should also make it through the rest of the day without any problems.

Staring at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes can also help with this.

Sit And Daydream

When talking about ways to make work breaks more effective, it might seem counterintuitive to suggest that people just sit and daydream. However, by switching your mind off from work and focusing on nothing in particular, you can actually do your brain a world of good.

Letting your mind wander is similar to meditation in a lot of ways. It allows the areas responsible for processes like logic and problem solving to switch off for a bit, giving them the rest they deserve. When you start to rely on them once again, they’re bound to be recharged and ready to help you complete your tasks.

What’s more, daydreaming can actually help you access thoughts from your unconscious mind that could prove useful with your work. According to several studies, some of your best and most creative ideas could be waiting here; you just need to relax your mind to uncover them.

Regular breaks at work are essential for any employee who wants to maintain their performance and productivity throughout the day. If everyone wants to get the most out of these breaks, though, it’s essential to follow these suggestions.