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Importance of Consecutive Interpreting in a Business

Consecutive interpreting is a type of interpreting in which the speaker makes a speech and an interpreter takes notes and then reproduces the message in a language that the audience understands. There is no special equipment used in consecutive interpreting such as soundproof booths, microphones, audio consoles, or headphones. Only a pen and a notepad are required so that the interpreter can take notes, consisting of symbols representing words. Unlike simultaneous interpreting in which the interpreter has to communicate information simultaneously, a consecutive interpreter only speaks when the speaker has finished the speech or there is a break in the speech.

In the case of consecutive interpreting, an interpreter has to listen very actively and analyze what the speaker is saying by taking structured notes. Then, the information that he understood is reproduced according to the audience. Moreover, he should also maintain visual contact with the speaker rather than focusing on note-taking.

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What is Consecutive Interpreting? What does a Consecutive Interpreter do for you?

Consecutive interpreting is a popular type of interpretation in which the words of the speaker are converted by an interpreter as the speaker delivers one or two sentences. In this mode of interpretation, the quality of translation is better. Why? Because the interpreter has more time to prepare so he can choose the right words in the target language.

In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter does not need to remember everything that the speaker said as he has enough time to write down notes. In addition, this type of interpreting is not suitable for large conferences. Conferences or business meetings with a limited number of participants use consecutive interpreting services.

Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting | the Real Difference?

Consecutive interpreting usually works best for small gatherings. A speaker speaks in one language for a short time and the interpreter who stands near to the speaker interprets the message into the target language. In simultaneous interpreting, an interpreter has to provide an instantaneous interpretation of the speaker’s message.

The main difference lies in the time it takes to complete a job. For example, in simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter has to speak without any pauses, or in other words, we can say that he works in real-time. In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter has to translate when the speaker has finished speaking.

Whatever the type of interpreting is, the interpreter has to become familiar with the terminology that the speaker will use in the event. Moreover, it is important that the clients give a little brief to the interpreter about the subject matter so he can be prepared beforehand, resulting in effective interpreting experience.

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