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The importance of being a strong culture fit in HR

There are so many things to consider when assessing a candidate for a job role. Whether that’s seeing if their work history is a good fit, their job skills, personality traits and so much more. One key variable that’s becoming one of the key deciding factors is whether the candidate will be a good cultural fit.

According to a study by specialist HR jobs recruiter Oakleaf, 80% agreed that a great culture fit is one of the main factors behind a successful HR hire, with 66% saying the being a commercially minded person coming in close second.

But what exactly is a cultural fit and should you be looking to hire people who hit this criteria more when bringing on more employees?

What is cultural fit?

A company’s culture are usually the values and beliefs of the company’s founders through to the collective force of employees, interactions between management and staff, and the environment in which they work.

Just like there are variations in personalities, a business’ culture varies from company to company, which is why some people fit into one business but not another. Cultural fit is essentially all about matching people with business culture.

Reasons why culture fit is so important

Still a confusing premise to many organisations; if you’re looking to hire new people, here’s 5 reasons why culture fit is so important:

  1. Staff retention

We spend more than a third of our lifetimes in the workplace, so it’s important that those who work for you feel happy and connected in the place they work. If they don’t feel that way, you may have a staff retention problem on your hands!

Employees that don’t mesh well together with the values of your company, they’re likely to not be satisfied in their jobs and could potentially create a toxic work environment.

  1. Performance and productivity

Companies that boast a strong culture mixed with employees who believe in the goals and values of the business, are generally more productive. Having a poor company culture can put a strain on overall productivity.

  1. Better communication

If a company is interested in collaborative working and open communication, you’re employees are likely to find it easier to communicate, which is ideal if they have any concerns or problems they need to raise.

  1. Cohesion

A team that works together under the same core values, stays together. If their core values are aligned with the same goals, professional and personal differences are much easier to resolve.

  1. Employee engagement

When an employees beliefs marry up with those of the company they work for, they’re more likely to be committed to the company and go above and beyond. If a business employees people who are all a cultural fit, their personalities will match well and the team is likely to be more confident and competent.

Company culture is a powerful tool for business success. If you want your team to work well together, productivity to be high and for people to stay in your business for a long time, think about the importance of culture fit when hiring your next employees.