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Give me a handbook: does your company need an employee manual?

Does your company employ some really talented staff but still have a high turnover rate? Creating a distinct company culture starts with a solid employee manual. Being clear on corporate expectations in a handy employee guide allows new staff to feel supported, and reminds existing staff of what guidelines they should adhere to.

Employee manuals are indeed crucial for any successful company, but how do you create one that serves as a handy navigation tool without sounding too boring and full of corporate jargon?

Make sure that it looks good

First and foremost, a good employee handbook needs to look the part. If you’re serious about how you present your company internally, your employee manual needs to reflect that.

Premium quality handbooks are usually produced using a book binding machine from a reputable company, such as Duplo International. The resulting manual will be durable, professional, and stylish. If a new employee sits reading it, they will already feel like they are a part of something worthwhile.

Outline your corporate culture

If you want all of your staff working from the same page, be clear about your corporate culture and what you value. A great way to do this is by writing a mission statement that reflects who you are and what you expect from the employees you hire, and the ones you retain.

Clear company policies

A powerful employee manual is also a handy way to cover all the legal stuff, such as holiday time, sick pay and anti-discrimination policies. All contractual issues need to be outlined within an employee manual that can be referred to if ever necessary. If your company is unsure about any policies, refer to the UK government employee guidelines for advice.

Show how Human Resources can support employees through their journey at your company

Starting a new job can be a daunting process for even the most confident of people. So, why not use your employee handbook to outline exactly how your HR department is on hand to help? Your new and existing staff members will feel comfortable in the knowledge that they have somewhere to turn with their worries, should they ever feel it necessary.

Outline expectations and standards of conduct

If your expectations and standards are clear from day one, both employees and employer know what is expected of them and goals will be met much more fluently.

How to create an effective Employee Handbook

Your employee manual must be as entirely unique as your company. If you’re seeking inspiration, take a look at Facebook’s Employee Handbook and note how it’s full of cool imagery and clear mission statements like: “It was built to accomplish a social mission – to make the world more open and connected.”

It’s the above reasons that make an employee handbook a must-have for your company. Regardless of whether you want to approach it formally or flamboyantly, your words should be perfectly bound into something beautiful. Using high-quality print and wrapped into a hardback cover, it sends a statement that your company means business.