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What is QuickBooks Hosting?

QuickBooks Hosting – also called Hosted QuickBooks or QuickBooks Cloud – refers to the setting up of QuickBooks Desktop version on a network server hosted over the internet, which can then be controlled through a distant connection, web browser regardless of location. It can be thought of as a central point between QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. Records and documents put in Hosted QuickBooks are already available to genuine users through any web browser, without the need of installing it on a local system.

QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting is a very easy and straightforward process and can be understood in a simple way. First, we need to install the licensed copies of QuickBooks on the server of a service provider. The user is then authenticated to connect to the server with pre-defined credentials. With web browsers like Mozilla, Chrome, and Firefox, the user can then access the QuickBooks server from any part of the world and the changes made on Hosted QuickBooks are automatically saved and updated at the end of all authorized users.

​ Modes of QuickBooks Hosting: –

​There are 3 modes of QuickBooks Hosting:

Dedicated Hosting

In this mode, all your data are hosted on a dedicated server in which QuickBooks is installed. All the users can then connect directly to access it.

Peer-to-Peer Hosting

This is an on-premises hosting where one user hosts the application and data, which can then be accessed by other users in the network.

Alternate Hosting

In this mode, the main user is connected to the dedicated server over the internet. Hence, other users can then connect with the main user to access data.

Some tips for Selecting the Right QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Provider

​Although major hosting services can host QuickBooks Desktop applications, they vary slightly in their methods. That’s why you have to select one that effortlessly suits your needs. There are several third-party companies that provide top class QuickBooks hosting services and less expensive as clients do not have to pay a $5 levy to intuit on top of their regular plans. Here are some major points to bear in mind:

  • Security policy and effectiveness
  • Uptime guarantee
  • Scalability
  • Policy on data storage
  • 24 by 7 Support
  • Plugin and add-ons
  • Backup and recovery solutions

If you know what service you actually need then, you’d end up choosing a great hosting provider. A good hosting provider will also guide the business owner to upgrade to Office 365 online as it requires a simple IMAP migration to Office 365.

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