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Dylan Sigley on the Top 8 Steps to Hiring Freelancers on Upwork

Dylan Sigley

Hello Dylan Sigley, I have been running my drop servicing business for a short time now and am STARTING to register clients. CouLD YOUS hare some tips for the BEST  wayS to RECRUIT freelancers on Upwork.

Appreciation for the question!

Yes, I can provide you with some good advice since I even have hired many different freelancers across the several years and now teach others how to be a part of the Dylan Sigley’ Drop Servicing Blueprint’ course that I teach.

Here are eight tips that will help find great freelancers on Upwork to scale your business and present an exceptional service to your customer.

  1. Search a Freelancers with Extraordinary Job Success Rate

My first and most essential tip is to hunt for freelancers with a high job success score. Every Upwork freelancer eventually gets an employment success score, otherwise applied to as JSS for brief.

If you inspect a freelancer profile, for instance, “Dylan Sigley Web Designing.” It will reveal their JSS rate. The rate is out of 100 per cent. Freelancers that remains above 90% JSS for four months in an exceeding row are given ‘top-rated’ status, which implies these freelancers have provided their customers with great work, consistently.

When you are hiring freelancers, ideally you would like to seek out for talent with a ‘top-rated’ status, because you would like the most effective you will afford. But when you’re starting, a 95% or maybe a 90% JSS will possibly get you the work done to a reasonably decent quality.

Selecting these top freelancers almost ensures that you are getting to be handling an expert who firstly knows what they are doing. Secondly, they communicate swiftly, efficiently, and contain a history of delivering excellent service to other customers.

  1. Choose Freelancers Who can deliver fast and clearly

Drop servicing is to fulfil your clients’ requirements by rendering a high-quality service that is delivered promptly. You would like a freelancer who is getting to reply quickly, communicate clearly, and make life more comfortable to deliver excellent service to your paying customers.

What you do not want to be a freelancer who has self-contradictory communication. Are you capable of imagining trying to follow up with a freelancer a few projects they are performing on, listening to back each day later, or finishing the merchandise delivery late and making excuses? That’s just not getting to cut it in your drop servicing business.

You are selecting contractors and freelancers off Upwork, maybe a grand inauguration. You will want to start there, but you are planning to want to steer an organization that works only for you, possibly as an employee. If they are getting to join your team full-time, they are getting to communicate clearly and be responsible.

  1. Compare Prices of Freelancers

My third point is to engage a reasonable freelancer who can generate money and your drop servicing business, and you would like to be ready to charge your customers quite, and you have got to pay your freelancers. It will be tough because often, the most effective freelancers charge the big enough.

To overcome this problem, you will look to rent freelancers in countries just like the Philippines, who can deliver high-quality work and at an equivalent time, get it on at a reasonable price.

Upwork features a search filter that allows you to look for freelancers that charge a particular amount per hour. You’ll also hire freelancers on a hard and fast price basis, which also works high, it just depends on the sort of labour. You only necessitate computing your budget then use the search filters to seek out freelancers who fit within your budget.

It would be ideal whether you had some time and to find the most straightforward aces for your business that you can afford. If you discover a freelancer who provides a lower quality over time than you would like or is not receptive to feedback, you will immediately substitute them.

It is better than choosing quickly than giving them plenty of second chances when they are just in it for money instead of helping you grow and scale your business.

  1. Formulate Complete Job Postings

Whether you post detailed job listings, you will recover freelancers’ replies to know what you’re. One suggestion I give people is to incorporate a couple of confusing questions in your job postings. It may allow you to know which freelancers are studying the entire posting and are listening to that.

You will do this on Upwork to write down something like, “when you demand this job at Dylan Sigley Services, please incorporate the words ’blue dog’ at the most necessary of your proposal.” It is simple, expeditious, and effective thanks to checking your job details read by freelancers who apply for your business.

  1. Engage Freelancers who are hospitable feedback

My fifth point is whether you like to be an administrator; you are getting to necessitate to start thinking like an administrator. As an honest boss, you are attending to ought to give feedback to your organization on what’s working well and what is not. At the tip of the day, you’re the one hiring and rewarding them.

You’ve needed to be polite, but if a freelancer isn’t doing something correctly and is not hospitable changing their ways, it is best to manoeuvre on and hire a freelancer who is open and responsive to feedback. You ought to even be hospitable feedback yourself.

While, in many cases, a freelancer, you are choosing for an appropriate service could know more about the service than you are doing, so be receptive to their feedback and proposals. Think about it as applying their skills and knowledge as a learning chance to assist improve your business.

  1. Find Freelancers Who Have a Track Record

The Next Steps is to search out freelancers who have a record on Upwork and have earned money on the platform. The extra money they need earned, the more it clarifies that they will communicate well, trustworthy, and present their services to a great pattern.

For example, if I practised trying to find a freelancer for a task at ‘Dylan Sigley Services’ I will hire a freelancer who has earned $10,000 on Upwork covering a freelancer who has only earned $1000 on the stage.

  1. Proper Skills Require

The seventh point is to make sure that you get a freelancer, who has the proper skills. And you are selecting an advertisement specialist to form your YouTube advertisements. Plus, you would like to hire an expert for this specific job, not say a generic advertising expert.

For instance, while there could also be a freelancer with significant experience by Facebook Ads or LinkedIn advertisements. You will need to seek out the perfect match for your service and validate they need YouTube ad expertise. And to seek out the proper person, inspect how long they need been doing it for, and communicate their skills.

You can also monitor their portfolio from previous clients to ascertain how well they need to be performed within the past. And if their past clients are satisfied with their work.

  1. Investigate Before You Purchase

My last point is to give freelancers a test. The best success score, testimonials, preceding work, and presentation style can provide you with tons of excellent hints regarding what they’d be like as a part of your organization.

However, nothing beats a paid test to ascertain how they fit into your business. Everyone accomplishes differently, and you’ll never know needless to say how it will compute until you set someone through your system.

Please give them a test to examine for yourself that they know what they are working on. For instance, if you’re trying to find a copywriter, you will ask them to write down a 500 words article explaining the Dylan Sigley Drop Servicing Blueprint course.

Final Words:

Concluding from the above discussion, there are plenty of goes into selecting great freelancers for your business, and Upwork may be a fantastic place to commence when you are trying to organize and grow your first drop servicing business.

Whether you find freelancers who have a high job success rate, communicate well, are affordable, hospitable feedback, have the proper skills, have a decent track record, and might pass a test. So, you have found your ideal freelancer.

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Dylan Sigley is the founder of Drop Servicing Blueprint. After spending many years building up his own drop servicing business he now teaches other entrepreneurs how to start and scale their very own drop servicing businesses. Through his many years of experience, Dylan Sigley has been able to distill all of his learnings into an easy to understand course that he offers to students from all over the world. Course participants are taught how to choose a service to offer, how to create a compelling offer to present to clients, how to sell, and how to partner with freelancers to deliver high-quality services over the internet. You not only get a step by step guide to how to build a successful drop servicing business, but you get ‘access’ to all of the things Dylan Sigley has learned over the years running his own successful businesses. These learnings alone will save you many hours and thousands of dollars by avoiding the same mistakes that he made. One of the main reasons why his course is so successful is that he has been where his students once were. After graduating from university with piles of debt Dylan Sigley tried his hand trying to get on the corporate ladder, but soon found it wasn’t for him. He learned everything he needed to get started by doing an online course and along the way learned even better ways of setting up and running an online business.