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7 Tips To Market And Promote Your Art

Being an artist is not an easy job; it takes a lot to become one. The most challenging part is making money out of your art. Even today, nobody takes artists seriously. Every artist wants to make a living out of their art.

With the intent to help all the budding artists here’s a list of 7 effective tips to market and promote your art to grow your reach and business:

1.  Create A Website

The first and foremost step towards your art marketing is making a website. Everything is online today, creating a website marks your presence in the online world. Your site can act as your manager to get you to work. It is also an artist’s online portfolio that showcases your work. The website helps promote and sell your art, as it is the shop window for people looking to invest in your art. With the rise in digital marketing, it is more effortless to rank a website than hosting art workshops offline. The website might get more traffic than the art gallery. Without wasting much of your time thinking, go ahead in strategizing and implementing the idea of making your website.

2. Enhance Your Social Media Profile

Social media has become the new business platform. It is one of the quickest ways to create brand recognition these days. It is the new marketplace. And several aspects of this market place are yet not discovered. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the most popular social media platforms for business promotions. Being an artist, you can create your page to showcase your talent and get feedback from the audiences instantly. With the right kind of exposure, you never know who might just spot you and want to work with you.

3. Make A Strong Portfolio

A portfolio is an artist’s representation of their work. It is a very significant part of their artistic journey, because it works as the visiting card for an artist. It is essential to update it regularly. You must create a portfolio keeping all your unique attributes in mind. There would be times when you don’t have work, keep working on personal projects that were a constant inspiration. Design your portfolio carefully, keeping all your excellent work in it. Exclude all the projects that don’t align with your future goals. Lastly, do not forget to include your price quote.

4. Make Videos

The YouTube presence of people is growing every day. It is the second most famous search engine after Google. The thumb rule of creating good engaging videos is staying true to your art. Do not follow the herd; think of ways to be different in the eyes of your audience. It is also the right way of taking a break from the monotonous blog posting. Creating videos for Youtube is not very difficult, and then uploading is just as simple as it can be. It will take time to build an audience, but that’s an unskippable process. So go ahead, create your channel, upload your videos, and include the links to your website to generate more traffic.

5.  Make A Creative Business Goal

A creative business goal is fundamental for artists to track their progress. Shooting an aimless arrow is not very productive. One should always have goals for their business. Create a plan for and make a list of your short term goals, long term goals, target audience, and promotional strategies. It will keep you closer to your passion. Also, if you prepare a roadmap, it will help you get out of the creativity block that may bother you in the near future.

6. Take part in Online engagements

A lot happens online; you should keep track, and make use of everything that might just be an add on to your marketing. Various talent management firms and other artists host online competitions to engage more and more artists. Guest posting is also a great way to get more exposure online. You can find blogs with the same intent as yours and ask them for guest posting. There are also many online forums like Quora that look for answers to specific questions. You might go ahead with that and create an audience base there.

7. Keep Networking

Networking is an excellent tool for any business owner, let alone an artist. Making good connections helps to promote your business by word of mouth. Networking enables you to find people who might aid in your business growth through honest feedback and inspiration.

Various art communities and clubs keep hosting several gatherings – online & offline. Try not to miss any of these meaningful gatherings. This would help you promote your art locally. You will also get to know the audience’s demands to make their purchase fruitful and memorable. Not to forget, keeping in touch with the artists will also drive you by inspiration and help you enhance your art.


No matter how soothing your art is, you should also know the business strategies to sell your art. Many artists fail at doing the same. Branding, strategizing, and marketing are essential pillars of an artist’s career. Artists should know how to monetize their work. Artists need to work on many other skills than just their art alone. It’s not easy for an artist to develop a business mindset. However, our top seven tips to market and promote your art will help you get there. Focus on our roadmap from creating a website to growing your network by multifold to see your artwork gain popularity all around you.