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7 Best Pendant Lights Options For Your Office

Lighting in the workplace can set a positive impact on work efficiency and productivity. It sets the mood for defining business goals and working to client satisfaction. It also enhances the company’s impression on the employees and the visitors.

Pendant lights play a pivotal role in adding a contemporary look and feel to the office interior design. It breaks the mould of conventional lighting, which can be harsh on the eye.

Apart from décor value, pendant lights fitments blend well with any workspace. Solo workrooms, creative studios to collaborative spaces, the custom-fit feature of pendant lights redefine the concept of in-room lighting.

Good-looking pendant lights set the benchmark of aesthetics and performance at work. Know the pendant light options for office and commercial space that can add visual impact to the workstation.

Characteristics of Pendant Lights

If you want to add a creative twist to a modern-day room of any size and dimension, a pendant light is your go-to. It not only complements the defined space; the pendant light fixtures enhance the depth and personality of a room.

A pendant light is not an ordinary room fixture. It is handmade glass blown into terrific shapes with high-status glass colours. Every room or lounge can have a pendant light exclusive in colour and shape. A lot of creativity and imagination goes into the making of pendant light. Have them custom-made to a corner space, or a conference room, or as lighting for the entryway. A pendant light is not only for the office reception and lounge, but it extends its awesomeness to an office kitchen and selective partitions.

Workspace Pendant Lights to Explore:

Caravaggio By HighTower:

Eye-catching steel pendants that create an impact speak novelty. The suspension technology of Caravaggio pendant lights redefines magnitude, and the high-gloss lacquer helps soften the durable design.

Designed by Cecilie Manz, this iconic brand delivers light in soft tones without creating a disturbing feel. The pendant’s top further adds to the ambient light of the room. Pick your choice of three colours – matte lacquer, high-gloss lacquer or opal glass. For a better lighting fixture installation, ensure to google suspension supplies Australia and buy reliable supplies.

List Price: £400- £1092


Hardwired Black Aspect Pendant Light:

For non-cord lovers, the Hardware Black Aspect brand is the best fit for direct plant lighting and indirect lighting. The Aspect comes with a ceiling plate and suitable wire to hang over your desk or plants. Features include sleek aluminium body, a smooth nylon cord that well adjusts to your lighting needs and LED chip which emits two types of lighting – ambient and photosynthetic. Adjust the hanging height of the pendant light as your plant grows.

A symphony of beauty and performance, the Black Aspect Pendant Light gives a museum-quality lighting experience. The order upon delivery gives you one aspect unit, a ceiling canopy, a packet of hardware items, grower’s guide and 5-year warranty.

List Price: £192

Spoke by Fluxverx:

Fluid minimalism in pendant lighting. Spoke by Fluxverx is absolute precision in specifications, performance, LED technology and finish. Anodized aluminium body, gleaming interior, independent lighting control with direct/indirect light distribution, the Spoke pendant is great for office presentation, projection and video conferencing purposes.

The non-visible power cords, pre-wired and tested drivers and the stainless-steel cables of low voltage are a hint of the perfect engineering of Spoke. Advance installation and minimalist canopies blend with energy savings to give you a remarkable lighting quality with least glare.


A furniture brand of Ukraine in collaboration with architects and designer Julia Kononenko brings “NUT C” lamp. Simple and functional, the collection of NUT C ceiling lamps has strength, character, design and graceful detail. The NUT C Lamp Collection is a fine balance of minimalism of Scandinavia and painstaking details of Europe.

There are four similar types of lamps differing in size specifications. The manufacturing is a combination of warm colours like lacquered ash, aluminium tube and Italian belt leather.

List Price: £299

Cloud by David Trubridge:

Inspired by clouds sitting on the islands of the Pacific Ocean, David Trubridge came up with a novel design of pendant lights. First made of frosted plastic, the Cloud lights today use bamboo plywood in strips or rings. The light shines through giving the same visual brightness as before.

Available in small and large sizes, Cloud pendant lights come in a diverse colour spectrum ranging from Natural, Caramel, Aqua, Lime, Orange, Black and many more.

List Price: £10,974

Blip by Workagile:

Two striking colours – black and white are the centre of attention of Blip pendant lights. The internal surface is gold and gives a warm, rich contrast to the black body. A colour scheme like this sharpens the creative juices of the thinking team and allows a reflective approach in bringing the best output. Blip is a light zone when feeling the need to calm down materializes to perfection.

BuzziLight Mono by Buzzispace:

Sound-absorbing decorative pendant light BuzziLight Mono is for the perfectionist who admires soft shadows. Lightweight with strong vertical lines, Buzzilight takes decorative acoustics to a new level. Diffused lighting is the new standard that is making its presence felt in boardrooms and stage shows and BuzziLight celebrates it in its CNC-cut pendant lights. The light peeking through the cuts exudes warm subtlety.

List Price: £1,096


Pendant lights showcase exemplary design, quality and sophistication to a workspace. Take your pick from glass colours, material combinations and metal finishes to give a subtle and supreme look to any office aesthetic.

Make modern-looking pendant lights serve as a captivating point in the workstation. You will see energy and positivity radiating in your work, ideas and action.