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Worthily Films Script Writing by Paul Chronell: Discussion Gathering

The recently developed film production company Worthily Films is located in London, established by Steve Dodsworth and Chelsea Leigh Macleod.

The screenplay was written by Paul Chronnell, and directed by The Bashford Twins; the organization is currently in post-production on its original brief film “Waiting for Time”.

So we are going to explore what excited Worthily Films to Waiting for Time and solicit advice from Paul Chronnell regarding all things in scriptwriting.

Waiting for Time moved a stimulating script for several reasons.


The lines are timeless and relatable. If it’s the theme of psychological state or that of unrecompensed or fallen love, it’s a story we will describe all the things.

It was mainly originating of lockdown, a period of loneliness that has highlighted the significance of a psychological state. Worthily Films assumed this was a story, which was both contemporary and simultaneously timeless.


The personalities were fascinating to us, and therefore the relation between them was also something that we discovered charming.

We endure an array of sensations within the discoveries of their involvement. It is frequently a real description of life, and in any relationship, there are the highs, and consequently the lows, we sensed that waiting for Time won that, and the story appeared real and convincing.


The thought, which we got in the idea is unique, fresh, and it had been something we understood would push the limits cinematically. It provided for an excellent visual knowledge. The Bashford Twins got the script and that we apprehended why they stayed hooked into it.

The author Paul Chronnell had real things to mention regarding the team. In a conversation, he states that his writing is presently in the hands of some incredibly talented people.

It is a judgment that the entire team will sense gratified to hear. Chronnell’s writing motivated over twenty people to exit their lockdown hibernation and enter the planet of story-telling.

Moreover, he presented a couple of statements concerning what it appears like to be a scriptwriter, and he added that once you begin writing any scenario. There’s nothing but white pages before you. Your fundamental assumption is to I would like to write down an extraordinary story that will excite souls. There’s eternally hope that it’ll get into making and be