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Dylan Sigley is the founder of Drop Servicing Blueprint. After spending many years building up his own drop servicing business he now teaches other entrepreneurs how to start and scale their very own drop servicing businesses. Through his many years of experience, Dylan Sigley has been able to distill all of his learnings into an easy to understand course that he offers to students from all over the world. Course participants are taught how to choose a service to offer, how to create a compelling offer to present to clients, how to sell, and how to partner with freelancers to deliver high-quality services over the internet. You not only get a step by step guide to how to build a successful drop servicing business, but you get ‘access’ to all of the things Dylan Sigley has learned over the years running his own successful businesses. These learnings alone will save you many hours and thousands of dollars by avoiding the same mistakes that he made. One of the main reasons why his course is so successful is that he has been where his students once were. After graduating from university with piles of debt Dylan Sigley tried his hand trying to get on the corporate ladder, but soon found it wasn’t for him. He learned everything he needed to get started by doing an online course and along the way learned even better ways of setting up and running an online business.

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