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5 Perfect Dog Breeds to Keep as A Service Dog

Dogs are known to be a person’s best friend. They can be your furry friends, an emotional support animal, and can even be service dogs. They can provide emotional and even physical support to those in need. The term service dog is given to the trained dog that can help in navigating the lives of people with disabilities. Ample dog care and training are required for a dog to become a service animal. Here are the top 5 dog breeds that are preferred and easy to be trained as service dogs:

Labrador Retriever:

Labrador retrievers are extremely intelligent and friendly animals which makes them a perfect pick to be trained as a service dogs. They are quick learners and can learn to carry out daily tasks conveniently. They love being around their owner which ensures the safety of the person. Moreover, they have soft teeth and can pick the items without breaking them, thus, making them best suited for mobility-impaired owners.

Golden Retriever:

The golden retriever has many similarities with the Labrador retrievers. They are extremely smart, intelligent, and easy to be trained, the combination of qualities that makes them best suited for becoming a service dog. Dogs that are as strong and big as golden and Labrador Retrievers can perform and help their owners with the daily tasks and keep up with them for the day long.

The best part is, golden retrievers look very friendly, they won’t scare away other people when they will be out and about in public with their owners. This might sound like a less important reason, but this is why pit-bulls are not being used as service dogs despite having the strength and temperament to become one.

German Shepherd:

Their size might be intimidating but they are great to be trained as service animals. They are known to be guard or police dogs which means they are fast learners i.e. easy to be trained and well behaved. They are best suited to be owned by mobility-impaired owners. The owner can even lean on them or the dog can be trained to drag the bed toppers in emergency situations. They have a great sense of smell which makes them a perfect pick for diabetic patients and those with blood pressure issues.


They seemingly weak and toy animals can be great service dogs, you heard it right! They are not just there to fancied or dressed nicely and sit on the laps only, rather they can be trained to aid the people with disabilities and to be helped in doing daily tasks. Earlier, poodles were solely breeder to be companion dogs, which makes them extremely friendly and they bond really well with their owners. The best thing is poodles come in various sizes. If you have a small house or an apartment, you can opt for miniatures poodles or the bigger ones if it is easy for you to accommodate them.

Great Dane:

As the name suggests, they are big, strong animals that can complete tasks that no one else can. They are friendly, affectionate, and easy to train animals. They are perfect for those individuals who need both emotional and physical support. They are capable of being focused on their owners and tasks despite the distractions. They are often used for mobility-impaired individuals.


Service dogs are playing a key role in making the lives of those in need a lot easier. They are great friends, companions, and support for both emotionally and physically disabled. When it comes to picking between the breed, the main aim is to choose the ones that are intelligent, easy to train, and clean. All those with these necessary characteristics are the perfect pick!